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Swimwear Rubber Elastic Wholesale

We stock 100 yard spools of 1/4" and 100 or 72 yard spools of 3/8" light gray flat rubber elastic. We also stock 30 pound boxes of the 1/4" and 3/8" elastic. We can special order in nine widths from 1/8" to 1". Some are available in 0.015 mm, 0.017 mm , 0.020 mm and 0.026 mm thickness. Most are available in Light Gray or Dark Gray.

For price quotes, please email us at .
For smaller quantities, you can order retail at Rubber Elastic.
See our Wholesale Products page for a complete listing of the products we offer wholesale.

Rubber Elastic
Enter your quoted price and select the quantity.
For prices less than $1.00, start the price with a "0.". For example 0.15 instead of .15
Item# Width Thickness
Quantity Price Order
RE765 1/4" 0.026 yards
RE765 1/4"
Approximately 3030 yards per 30 pound box.
0.026 pounds
RE768 3/8" 0.020 yards
RE769 3/8" 0.025 yards
RE769 Price break for 25 or more spools (1800 yards)
RE769 3/8" 0.025 yards
RE770 3/8" 0.026 yards
RE770 3/8"
Approximately 2070 yards per 30 pound box.
0.026 pounds

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Please see our Wholesale Terms and Conditions before completing your order.
In addition to the items we stock, we can special order the flat bubber elastic in nine widths (1/8" to 1"), thickness (0.015, 0.017, 0.020 and 0.026 mm), and light or dark gray colors. Swimwear primarily uses the 0.026 mm thicknes and the 1/4" or 3/8" widths. There are many different applications for the other widths and thickness. Light Gray and Dark Gray Flat Rubber Elastic
Depending on the width and thickness, this flat rubber elastic is packaged festooned in a 30 pound box or a 66 pound carton of six 11 pound boxes. There is a price break for two 66 pound cases or 5 or more 30 pound boxes. Any combination of widths, thickness and colors. The manufacturer maintains inventory of all these products. We generally receive our orders in about a week.

Rubber Elastic
We do not stock these items, except for RE765 and RE770 in light gray.
Lead time is around a week.
Enter your quoted price and select the quantity of 30 or 66 pounds.
For prices less than $1.00, start the price with a "0.". For example 0.15 instead of .15
Item# Width (inches) Thickness (mm) Color Approx yds Quantity Price Order
RE760 1/8" 0.017 21780 pounds
RE761 3/16" 0.026 4020 pounds
RE762 1/4" 0.015 11880 pounds
RE763 1/4" 0.020 3990 pounds
RE765 1/4" 0.026 3030 pounds
RE766 5/16" 0.026 2490 pounds
RE767 3/8" 0.015 3600 pounds
RE768 3/8" 0.020 Light Gray 2700 pounds
RE770 3/8" 0.026 2070 pounds
RE772 1/2" 0.026 1560 pounds
RE776 5/8" 0.026 1260 pounds
RE780 3/4" 0.026 1020 pounds
RE784 1" 0.026 780 pounds
We have samples available for these elastics. We do not stock these items. Since our Wholesale Terms and Conditions requires a full non-refundable payment in advance for non-stocked items, we require that a customer have a sample before we accept an order.

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