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July 2017
1/2" Dark Orchid, Pistachio, Purple, Rose, Turquoise and Wine KE302 Knitted Elastics. These are are offered by the yard or spool. Dark Orchid half inch inch Knitted Elastic  Navy half inch inch Knitted Elastic
Pistachio half inch inch Knitted Elastic  Purple half inch inch Knitted Elastic
Rose half inch inch Knitted Elastic  Turquoise half inch inch Knitted Elastic
Wine half inch inch Knitted Elastic
June 2017
Beige 58-60" SSF428 Stretch Satin Fabric Fabric. Beige Stretch Satin fabric
Black and White 1/2" KE300 and 3/4" KE320 Knitted Elastics. These are are offered by the yard or spool. Black half inch inch Knitted Elastic  White half inch inch Knitted Elastic
Black 0.75 inch Knitted Elastic  White 0.75 inch Knitted Elastic
Close Out Sale of in stock Ellie Mae patterns.
We are no longer stocking ellie mae patterns. All in stock patterns are offered at $6.00, a 50% discount off the suggested $11.99 retail price. Only one copy of each pattern available.
       Sale Ellie Mae Patterns
1/4" Beige, 5/16" White, 3/8" Black and 1/2" White Braided Elastic. Spools are available for the 3/8" Black and 1/2" White. Beige 1/4 inch Braided Elastic  White 5/16 inch Braided Elastic
Black 3/8 inch Braided Elastic  White 1/2 inch Braided Elastic
May 2017
4 dancewear and costume fabrics Poly Spandex Fabrics. The News Poly Spandex Fabric   Circles and Stars Poly Spandex Fabric
Parisian Sparkle Poly Spandex Fabric   Vintage Americana Poly Spandex Print Fabric
Blue, Orchid and White Foil 55-56" NS700 Nylon Spandex Fabric. Blue Foil Nylon Spandex Fabric   Orchid Foil Nylon Spandex Fabric
White Foil Nylon Spandex Fabric
Monte Carlo 58-60" SW400 Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric. Monte Carlo Nylon Spandex Print Fabric
Black Super Soft 5/8" LE663 Lingerie Elastic. It is also offered wholesale at Lingerie Elastic Wholesale Black Super Soft Lingerie Elastic
Several Discontinued Kwik Sew Patterns have been added. They are on sale for $6.00, 50% off the suggested retail price.
Shiny White 2" PE700 Strapping Plush Elastic. White Strapping Plush Elastic
White 5/8" SBNSS040 Silicone Backed Non-stretch Bra Strapping. White Silicone Backed Non-Stretch Bra Strapping White Silicone Backed Non-Stretch Bra Strapping
Blue, Green, Lilac and Pink 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex 58-60" 4-way stretch PC510 Poly Spandex Tie Dye Fabric. Blue Poly Spandex Tie Dye Fabric Green Poly Spandex Tie Dye Fabric
Lilac Poly Spandex Tie Dye Fabric Pink Poly Spandex Tie Dye Fabric
Black, Ivory, Tangelo and Neon Pink 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex 58-60" SW310 Matte Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric. Black Matte Nylon Spandex Fabric Ivory Matte Nylon Spandex Fabric
Tangelo Matte Nylon Spandex Fabric Neon Pink Matte Nylon Spandex Fabric
Black and White 1 1/4" DCE125 Draw Cord Elastic. Black 1 1/4 inch Draw Cord Elastic  White 1 1/4 inch Draw Cord Elastic
April 2017
Around 50 new stretch lace trims from 3/8" to 8" widths. Links to each are on the New Stretch Lace Trim page. Some are offered wholesale at Stretch Lace Trim Wholesale. New Stretch Lace Trims April 2017
Beige and Black 60-62" G500 Glissenet Fabric. Beige Glissenet Fabric Black Glissenet Fabric
Light Jade, Meridian Blue, Pistachio, Vintage Peach, Violet and Wine 15 Denier 100% Nylon 58-60" NC310 Nylon Chiffon Fabric. They are also offered wholesale at Nylon Chiffon Fabric Wholesale Light Jade Nylon Chiffon Fabric Meridian Blue Nylon Chiffon Fabric Pistachio Nylon Chiffon Fabric
Vintage Peach Nylon Chiffon Fabric Violet Nylon Chiffon Fabric Wine Nylon Chiffon Fabric
Light Pansy 58-60" SLT490 Micro Mesh Lycra® Fabric. Light Pansy Micro Mesh Fabric
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