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For making you own bra or girdle, we offer 3 colors of Powerknit and 3 colors of Techsheen by the yard. Basic fabric for foundation garments. This fabric is also known as powernet or girdle fabric.

Other fabrics that can be used for bra making are All Over Stretch Lace, Stretch Satin, Nylon Tricot and Pantie Spandex.

Fabric Samples


#PKF254 Powerknit Fabric $14.50 yd

90% Nylon, 10% Spandex. 2-way stretch, 25% in width, 35% in length. 58-60" wide. Suitable for bras and girdles.
Nude Powerknit Fabric
  • Nude
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  • Black
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  • White
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A heavy duty stretch fabric that is used for bras, girdles and corsets.

#TechS306 Techsheen Fabric $11.75 yd

Nylon/Spandex blend. Prewash before using as this fabric will shrink.
Light Nude Techsheen Fabric
  • Light Nude
    2-way stretch, 5% in width, 15% length. 44" wide.
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#TechS314 Techsheen Fabric $11.75 yd

Nylon/Spandex blend. Prewash before using as this fabric will shrink.
Black Techsheen Fabric
  • Black
    2-way stretch, 15% in width, 35% length. 42" wide.
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#TechS315 Techsheen Fabric $11.75 yd

Nylon/Spandex blend. Prewash before using as this fabric will shrink.
White Techsheen Fabric
  • White
    2-way stretch, 10% in width, 25% length. 42" wide.
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Fabric Samples - a sample set that contains one of every color or print of the fabric for that Item Number

Check the box for each of the samples you would like to order and then click "Add to Cart".
PKF254FS Powerknit Fabric $0.65
TechS306FS Techsheen Fabric $0.30
TechS314FS Techsheen Fabric $0.30
TechS315FS Techsheen Fabric $0.30

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This page updated April 26, 2022.

We offer a complete line of bra making supplies - Front Bra Closures, Bra Back Closures, Bra Rings, Bra Slides, Bra Hooks, Spaghetti Strap Rings & Slides, Nursing Bra Clasps, Plush Elastic, Plush Bra Straps, Clear Bra Straps, Narrow Bra Straps, Bra Cups, Underwires, Channeling, Separator Wires, Poly Laminate Foam Fabric, Fiberfill Fabric and Powerknit and Techsheen Fabric. In addition, we have Garter Grips and pre made Garter Straps. We offer all of the Kwik Sew and Elan bra patterns. See Bra Patterns for information on determining the correct bra size and hints on making bras. Our bra findings provide everything you need for making bras or brassieres.

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