Product List

The following list of our products provides a link to the product description.

All Over Stretch Lace

Binder Elastic

Bra Back Closures

Bra Cups

Bra Separator Wires

Bra Straps

Bra Strapping

Braided Elastic

Buttonhole Elastic

Chiffon Fabric

Clear Elastic

Clear Plastic Bra Strap Hooks

Clear Plastic Bra Strap Rings

Clear Plastic Bra Strap Slides

Cotton Knit Fabric

Cut and Sew Foam

Demi Underwires

Draw Cord Elastic

Elan Bra Patterns

Elastic - Binder

Elastic - Braided

Elastic - Buttonhole

Elastic - Clear

Elastic - Draw Cord

Elastic - Felt Back

Elastic - Fold Over

Elastic - Gripper

Elastic - Knitted

Elastic - Latex Free

Elastic - Lingerie

Elastic - Men's Brief

Elastic - Non Roll

Elastic - Orthopedic

Elastic - PJ

Elastic - Plush

Elastic - Polyester

Elastic - Rubber

Elastic - Silicone Backed

Elastic - Swimwear

Elastic - UBL

Elastic - Vented
Elastic for Bras

Felt Back Elastic

Finishing Plush Elastic

Foam - Poly Laminate

Fold Over Elastic

Front Bra Closures

Garter Grips

Garter Straps

Girdle Fabric

Glissenet Fabric

Gold Bra Strap Rings and Slides

Gripper Elastic

Hook & Eye Tape

Knit Fabric

Knitted Elastic

Latex Free Elastic

Lingerie Elastic

Lingerie Fabrics

Maternity Bra Clasps

Maternity Bra Clips

Men's Brief Elastic

Micro Mesh Fabric

Narrow Bra Straps

Non Roll Elastic

Nursing Bra Clasps

Nursing Bra Clips

Nylon Coated Bra Strap Hooks

Nylon Coated Bra Strap Rings

Nylon Coated Bra Strap Slides

Nylon Chiffon Fabric

Nylon Sheer Fabric

Nylon Tricot Fabric

PJ Elastic

Orthopedic Elastic

Pantie Spandex Fabric

Plush Bra Straps

Plush Elastic

Polyester Elastic
Poly Laminate Foam Fabric

PowerKnit Fabric

PowerNet Fabric

Push Up Bra Cups

Rose Gold Bra Strap Rings and Slides

Rubber Elastic

S Hooks

Sheer Mesh Fabric

Sheer Nylon Fabric

Silicone Backed Elastic

Silver Bra Strap Rings and Slides

Spaghetti Strap Rings & Slides

Spandex Swimsuit Fabric

Strapping Plush Elastic

Stretch Elastic Piping

Stretch Fishnet Ribbon

Stretch Lace Trim - Narrow

Stretch Lace Trim - Medium Width

Stretch Lace Trim - Wide

Stretch Satin Fabric

Swim Cups

Swimwear Elastic

Swimuit Lining

Swimwear S Hooks

Techsheen Fabric

Tricot Fabric

UBL Elastic


Underwire Channeling

Vented Elastic

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