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Need a swimsuit cup, but can't find your size? Make your own from our Cut & Sew poly laminate foam. Use any bra pattern or swimsuit cup pattern for cutting the pieces. They can then be sewn together. Or by applying heat in a mould, it will take a shape just like our SC992 molded bra cups. You can use the foam plain or you can add underwires and channeling. 100% Polyester Foam. Flame bonded to 70-denier 100% Polyester. Thickness varies from approximately 1/16" to 1/4" from shipment to shipment. If you are concerned about the exact thickness, email us the color(s) of interest. 56-58" wide. Order wholesale at Poly Laminate Foam Wholesale.

#F325 POLY LAMINATE FOAM $26.25 yd
or $14.95 for a 1/2 yd package

Nude Poly Laminate Foam Fabric
Order a 1/2 yd package for $14.95

or order by the yard:
Order a 1/2 yd package for $12.95

or order by the yard:
Order a 1/2 yd package for $14.95
Temporarily out of stock

Shipping might be slighter higher that the shopping cart estimate for orders of several yards. UPS and the Post Office shipping costs are based on the higher of the actual weight or what is called the dimensional weight of the package. The dimensional weight is calculated based on the size of the package.

We offer a complete line of bra making supplies - Front Bra Closures, Bra Back Closures, Bra Rings, Bra Slides, Bra Hooks, Spaghetti Strap Rings & Slides, Nursing Bra Clasps, Plush Elastic, Plush Bra Straps, Clear Bra Straps, Narrow Bra Straps, Bra Cups, Underwires, Channeling, Separator Wires, Poly Laminate Foam Fabric, Fiberfill Fabric and Powerknit and Techsheen Fabric. In addition, we have Garter Grips and pre made Garter Straps. We offer all of the Kwik Sew and Elan bra patterns. See Bra Patterns for information on determining the correct bra size and hints on making bras. Our bra findings provide everything you need for making bras or brassieres.

This page updated April 23, 2022.

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