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We know that you will be pleased with the quality of our fabrics. We offer fabric swatches for each of our fabrics. Our fabric sample sets include a swatch of each color or print for that Item Number. For example, R330FS contains swatches of 5 colors of nylon sheer fabric. The swatches are generally about 2" to 3" squares. If you are not familar with a particular fabric or the colors, we suggest that you order fabric samples before ordering the fabric.

For orders with only fabric samples, first class shipping is free for US orders and actual postage for international orders. We have a $1.00 small order surcharge for orders under $15.00.

The table lists all of our fabric samples and provides a link to the fabric page. The fabric pages have a description and an image of each color of the fabric. If the fabric is of interest, you can order the fabric samples. There are no returns on fabric samples.

Item Number Fabric Name and Link to description Price
A48FS All Over Stretch Lace $0.45
A49FS All Over Stretch Lace $0.90
A50FS All Over Stretch Lace 8 new prints - Mar 2022 $1.25
F325FS Poly Interlock Laminate Foam $0.75
G500FS Glissenet Fabric $0.25
N712FS 100% Cotton Knit $0.20
PKF254FS Powerknit Fabric $0.65
R330FS Nylon Sheer Fabric $0.90
SL475FS Micro Mesh Spandex Fabric $0.60
SSF428FS Stretch Satin Fabric $1.50
SW295FS Swimwear Lining $0.60
SW320FS 4-way Stretch Spandex $0.50
T310FS Narrow Width Tricot Fabric $0.55
T330darksFS Tricot Fabric dark colors $1.50
T330lightsFS Tricot Fabric light colors $1.20
TechS306FS Techsheen Fabric $0.30
TechS314FS Techsheen Fabric $0.30
TechS315FS Techsheen Fabric $0.30
Y2705FS Pantie Spandex Fabric $0.45

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This page updated July 22, 2022.

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