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We have bought the remaining orthopedic elastics of a major elastic manufacturer who has gone out of business. Types are Vented Elastic, Buttonhole Elastic, Binder Elastic and Unbroken Loop (UBL) Elastic. The binder elastic is 9" or 10" wide.

VENTED ELASTIC (also called Ventilated Elastic)

We have several styles and widths of vented breathable elastic. They are curl resistant and non-roll. They have a nice comfortable feel against the skin. Uses include waistbands, belt corsets, leg bands, abdominal binders, and lumbo-sacral supports. Machine washable and drable.

#VE324 2 1/8" Vented Elastic

White Vented Elastic
10% stretch
$1.65 a yard
Order Yards

#VE330 3" Vented Elastic

Black Vented Elastic
5% stretch
$2.35 a yard
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#BHE400 2 3/8" Buttonhole Elastic $1.25 yd

Holes every 1 1/8". 15% stretch. Uses include Abdominal Belts.
Light Blue Buttonhole Elastic
Light Blue
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Pink Buttonhole Elastic
Order Yards
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Our 9" wide Single panel binder elastics are very high compression elastics. They are very rigid and have no stretch in width. They are curl resistant and non-roll. Uses include abdominal binders and veternary applications. They are also used as gun holster elastic.

#BINE600 9" Single Panel Binder Elastic $6.50 a yard

Approximately 1% stretch
Light Taupe 9 inch Binder Elastic
Light Taupe
Order: yards
White 9 inch Binder Elastic
Order: yards


We have white Unbroken Loop (UBL) elastic in three widths, 1" and 3" and 2" white silicone backed elastic. This is the loop for hook and loop elastic. The loop is the soft fuzzy side. They are Velcro® compatable. In addition to medical applications, they are used in sports and other type garments.

#UBL300 3" UBL Elastic $3.25 a yard

Approximately 10% stretch
White 3 inch UBL Elastic
Order: yards
White 3 inch UBL Elastic
Loop side

#SBE200 2" UBL Silicone Backed Elastic $2.25 a yard

Approximately 15% stretch. Order wholesale at Wholesale Silicone Backed Elastic
White Silicone Backed Elastic
Four 3/16" silicone stripes separated by 5/16"

Order yards
White Silicone Backed Elastic
Loop side
30 yard roll $52.50 ($1.75 yd)
Order rolls

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This page updated August 24, 2021.

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